I guess I’m going to do this. “Blogging”. Got a “blog” now. Gonna do some “blogs”. …on my “blog”.


I mean, it seems a healthy enough outlet. I can post things I write. Over even the links I inflict upon anyone within line of sight. Though the audience may bother me. Who am I addressing? Is it like a diary where you treat the diary itself like an entity. Or do I have the do insufferable Facebook reverse voyeurism thing, where you soliloquize out into the aether, pretending no one is watching when you know that, in fact, everyone is.

Guess I’ll sort it out. Hey, Neil Gaiman has a blog. One of the first, I believe. Goddamn out-hipstering…. cool*grumble* …. just. All around. Nice guy. ….show him to…. be. …nice.

Guess any number of things. Babble. Columns. Short story. Etc. ..Ooh!¬†…. Doesn’t that sound lovely.



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