Remember the friend who stands up for you,
When no one told them what to do,
Don’t forget to remember that one time,
They walked with you at the back of the line,
First at the front, their placing was tops,
But when you fought the robbers, you were the only cops,
Trapped under fire, your whole team left,
The war-starved bandits cooking the mess,
Your safe home base was under attack,
You knew the others weren’t coming back,
But your friend stayed through the raid and fought to the end,
You were cornered and butchered, but the sun danced, kid!
Seemed all you could do was laugh and grin,
You both stood together and that’s how you win.
You remembered that feeling you don’t often get,
With just any ol’ person who you once met.
There’s something grand you can share,
With someone else who’s willing to bare,
Remember that everyone wants one too,
Humans need love when friends are few,
Remember to keep their secrets near,
For what all humans share is fear,
No one wants to be lonely, they all want to belong,
To get people to like them, people sometimes do wrong,
So remember that friend who understands,
What you truly love and still holds your hand,
Remember their gender, how it doesn’t matter,
There might be six or seven on Saturn,
Though adults like to know,
And say that it’s so,
Remember to mind and trust your gut,
And life’s not always so clean cut.



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