The Criminals of Korvosa and Enemies of the Black Lash

The Bullbeggar: Professor Jelibod Crimm, an insane former Academae instructor and mage, specializes in the nature of fear, cowardice, and nightmare. Dressed symbolically as the Bullbegger of myth, he employs special weapons, equipment and techniques designed to use fear, stealth, and deception to his advantage in his crimes.

The Faceless: Following the suspicious death of aristocrat parents in a fire, Randal Skinson inherited their fortune and then went on to bankrupt their various businesses. Saved and bought out by the pawnshop owner who employs Erik Ensign, Skinson came to resent and hate the youthful young lad. Fixated on the concept of masks, Skinson carved one from his father’s black coffin and sought revenge; his ensuing battle with the Black Lash caused his mask to be burnt into is skin, remaking him as the Faceless. Skinson is now a feared gang leader and one of the most powerful mob bosses in Korvosa, with a burning hatred of the Black Lash.

Gobblegut: Once the abused possession of Gaedren Lamm, Gobblegut is now the Black Lash’s stark companion and ally.  While in Lamm’s custody, Gobblegut was forced to fight and wrestle other animals and often men in organized pit fights. This life and treatment turned Gobblegut into monstrous, killer gator he is today. He has low intelligence but great strength, as well as crocodilian abilities, such as a keener sense of smell and the ability to hold his breath underwater for long periods of time.

Professor Heinrich Supernal: First gaining fame as a Korvosan strategist and consultant for the crown who declared that he’d fully analyzed the Lash from afar and vague report, Professor Heinrich Supernal lent credence to his own claims by deducing The Black Lash’s true identity as Erik Ensign. However, his interest in the Black Lash turned into a deranged obsession, and he’s used his expertise to hatch a series of bizarre plots based around eugenics and mind control in order to defeat the Lash and possibly take his place. Supernal’s fragile mental state has left him with intermittent knowledge of The Black Lash’s true identity, a fact that hangs over Erik Ensign’s head – for if Supernal ever snaps completely, The Black Lash’s greatest secret might be revealed…

Blight: An escaped prisoner from an island prison in Harrowstone, Blight has abnormal strength as a result of having had experiments with a derivative of a venomous drug performed on him. He became known as “The Man Who Broke the Lash” when he broke the Black Lash’s spinal cord, forcing Vencarlo Orisini to give up the Lash persona while he recuperated. It is known to very few that Blight is the biological grandson of Thousand Bones.

The Great Auk: Oswin Lesterton Copperfield, a short round man with a long pointed nose, fancies himself a refined, aristocratic outlaw. He usually wears the finest noble clothes, high-rise hats, a monocle, and carries any variety of staff, cane, or parasol which have various hidden functions such as secret weapons and techniques.

Father Chiros: Cainus Chiroptera, priest and sometimes an enemy of the Black Lash, is unfortunately cursed to periodically turn into a massive lycanthropic bat who fights the Lash. As a cleric and close council, Cainus Chiroptera is the Lash’s ally.

Grimalkin: Beatrix Subrosa is the longest operating burglar in Korvosa. She has a lengthy relationship with Vencarlo’s Black Lash, having an uncertain and possibly romantic relationship with him. For years, she has skirted on the edge between villain and antiheroine. However, she has largely reformed in recent years, adopting the role of the guardian of Korvosa’s Shingles district, though she still comes into conflict with the Black Lash on occasion. Now an old woman, she has largely retired from crime, living alone in Shingles with a shocking amount of recued stray felines. She has also been known to take revenge upon those who commit crimes against animals, especially cats, which has earned her the nickname, Grimalkin.

Black Lotus: Malisa Pecca Knox, a former Academae student , now deranged druid, employs plants and poisons of all varieties and their derivatives in her crimes, usually of an eco-terroristic variety. Whether through heretofore powerful psionic capabilities and advanced druidic magics, she possesses both the ability to control/manipulate plant life and an immunity to all known poisons and toxins. She is often described as fanatical about defending plants from people, even being willing to murder for her beliefs. She also has a severe love/hate relationship with The Black Lash. In some instances she claims to love him, in other encounters she functions as an ally, and at other times she is more than willing to kill him.

Mudmouth: Mortimer Hagen was an Korvosan actor who was driven mad when he was rejected from the revival of the classic horror theater piece he had originally starred in, The Terror. Adopting the persona of the play’s  villain “Mudmouth”, he became a serial killer targeting the cast and crew. He was eventually stopped by The Black Lash and Gobblegut. Edacious for revenge and power, Hagen turned to the underground magics and secret pacts barely whispered in the deepest part of Korvosa. Hagen soon attracted the attention of a Earth Yai Oni and pact of possession was struck. The Oni entered and consumed Hagen, saturating and his transforming his body into that of demonic and misshapen, otherworldly element of earth. For short periods of time, he can shapeshift limbs and alter his appearance. In order to keep is body and mind strong enough to transform and stay alive, Mudmouth will consume human victims through his ravenous, gaping mouth, absorbing their flesh matter and constituting it with his own.

Charade: Collin Udrum is a criminal mastermind who has a compulsion to challenge the Black Lash by leaving clues to his crimes in the form of traps and puzzles. His intelligence is extreme and only in the Lash has Charade found a mental opponent worthy of his obsession.

Twofold: “Twofold” is a criminal who has one half of his face horribly scarred by an unstable alchemical mutagen, and the other stunningly handsome. Tormented by duality and fate, Twofold’s personality has split into rational and imperial, the other brutish and violent. Tragically, before becoming Twofold, he was Jerry Hyde, Korvosa’s former Head of the Sable Knights, and one of the Black Lash’s closest friends and allies. The Black Lash considers Jerry Hyde’s descent into madness to be one of his own greatest failures.

Madcap: Madcap is one of the Black Lash’s oldest and most dedicated foes. A sadist bent on chaotic nihilism and grinning death, despite having no obvious physical or magical power, he has presented more of a challenge to the Black Lash over the years than any number of those more powerful or well-trained than himself. He is responsible for, among other things, the murder of the second Gobblegut and the paralyzing of Trinia Sabor who he made into a paraplegic.

The Crazed Cobbler: Louie Cowl, formerly a research magician, is completely smitten with the production and perfection of shoes and boots. He is a mad alchemist and developed magical and alchemical means to control the brain and induce hypnotic states, and often uses boots or other footgear for modes of control.

Goose Flesh: Dr. Jacob Frost was formerly an Academae leader and is an expert on water and cold magics. He tried to preserve his dying wife Nicco Frost in magical ice until a cure was found to her unknown disease. During the process, an accident caused his body to function only below freezing point, requiring him to wear a special self-contained magitech suit. He uses similar cold-based weapons and magiks.

Punching Judy: Judith Mountebank, a former Academae student, fell in love with Madcap and became his most famous accomplice. She wears the outfit of a traditional Korvosan comedy show. She affectionately refers to Madcap as “Puddin'” and “Mistah’ M”, and is best friends with Black Lotus. As her name implies, her hand to hand combat skills are exceptional.



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