Welcome to the 13th hour. Dreamtown exists through doors that should not exist, fueled by the Unwoken dreams of sleepers not yet aware. Do the dreamers make Dreamtown or does Dreamtown provide the dreams? Psychogeography is the name of the game.

Morrison Graves hasn’t slept for days. Weeks. Each day becomes longer and longer. He has found he no longer needs to sleep. The clocks seem to have grown more hours and hands. There are doors and windows suddenly that weren’t there before. If he leaves his apartment, he cannot find the sun and sees oddities and nightmares watching the streets and subways as normally as the morning paper. Some of these nightmares ignore him, no matter how horrific they appear. Others have already attacked him with Morrison only barely escaping thanks to the intervention of a strange man who knows more than he lets on…

Heino Hughes has been Woken for a long long time. Hard to say how long, but he gives the impression of being ancient. He’s been willing to help Morrison, but he obviously wants something. He’s keeping his cards close. Hughes tells him never to fall asleep. Sleep is the enemy. Death is only the most merciful of the outcomes. And no one ever comes to Dreamtown to die.

Now he’s seen his daughter, or what appears to be his daughter, a daughter who disappeared when she was only 9. The police found no leads and no trace, and in the years since, Morrison had lost hope. Was she dead? Was Morrison making it all up in his head? Or was she here for the same reason he was.

This is Dreamtown.



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