Birth Unto Flame [Part 1]

As with many of Numeria’s androids, you were born as salvage. A group of ratfolk scavengers found several androids in stasis pods in an ancient foundry in the eastern wastes, but the process of “extracting” the dormant androids not only destroyed your kin but triggered the foundry’s self-destruct sequence. You awoke from stasis minutes after the detonation, into a world of fire and rubble you knew little about. You found yourself birthed into a World Ending, caught in a holocaust of death and flame. With no memory of what your life had been before, you dragged yourself into the heat and smoke, choking on the thick boiling air rushing into your lungs…

(What do you do?)

Try to save any kin that I can.

Fighting through the heat and flame, you seek any signs of life amid destruction and death. Essentially new-birth, you don’t know enough to protect yourself from the deadly, billowing smoke bubbling from the heating chemicals all around you…. As you struggle to the center of the stasis pods, you strain your sensitive eyes against the rising heat to glimpse a sight of pure horror: the boiled, burned bodies of what was once your kin fueling the very flames that are killing you….


(What do you do?)

Seeing the flames consuming my kin, I deduce that I will achieve the same fate if I do not remove myself from the flames. I survey the destruction and look for the quickest route away from the flames.

You realize that you are trapped by the heat and death ion nearly all sides, and the only way out is through the broken, burned stasis pods and the bodies of what was once your kin….

(What do you do?)

I will use their bodies to shield my own and burst through the stasis pod.

As you grab the boiling corpses of your fallen kin for what meager protection they provide, you force yourself to clamber roughly through the flames. You feel your body begin to fail, your mind bubbling with the heat and pain. You slump to the ground, dropping to your knees and crashing to the artificial ground, the corpses of your kin falling with you. As your eyes begin to flutter closed, perhaps for the last time, never to be inhabited by another android soul again, you think you see, through the translucent material pressed up against your face, the face of another android… one still in stasis, but alive…. 

(What do you do?)

I attempt to free it from its pod and activate it from stasis so that it might save itself.

Artwork 6


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