Birth Unto Flame [Part 2]

You weakly beat at the sides of the pod, the heat welding it shut. You pry at the sides, your hands blistering and bloody. You can feel death crawling at the edges of your brain…

Your body suddenly surges with power and energy which you cannot explain! You skin comes to life with a harsh violet light, lines marked across your body in sharp right angles! You SMASH the window of the stasis pod easily with a single punch! Reaching inside, you grab hold of the unconscious body and pull it into your arms. As you withdraw your kin, you realize that it is not an “it” at all…. but a woman….


(What do you do?)

Do I recognize her?

You do not. But you don’t recognize much of anything, since you have no memory if you even had a life before you were birthed from the pod.

Using my torso as a shield, I try to pull her away from the flames and out of harm’s way.

As you pull the woman fully from the now burning pod, you slump her body against yours to support it. The bright violet markings on your body are beginning to dim, and you can feel your new-found strength fading with it! Far above, a part of the scolding EXPLODES with rupturing flame! A massive piece of smoking metal comes CRASHING down towards you!

(What do you do?)

Wrap my limbs around her torso and attempt to roll out of the way.

As you tuck and roll, the piece is too large and drops too fast! You feel a deep, sharp pain as the shrapnel’s peaked edge SLAMS into your spine–followed quickly by shock and a numb, empty void beneath your waste. You can feel liquid pouring from your tear ducts and face– not from sadness or pain, but because the fluids in your eyes have begun to boil over and leak out. Your whole body seems to pound, but then suddenly, you seem not to care so much as you faulty vision finally begins to fade for good. At least, you think as your eyes shut, as least you took care of her…. You protected her… That was noble enough for even a life as short as yours….


A FIST: HURTLES upwards past your head and fingers dig in the solid metal that imprisons you. 

Your body is lifted effortlessly and pushed aside. In your blurry vision, you can make out the shining feminine shape lit in erupting violet light. The figure REARS the massive metal shard into the air and holds it aloft. You look up at it: the body of gleaming divinity….a spirit of technology alive birthed into existence, like a god…. of Iron…

Holy shit!

A HAND: swoops down and grabs you by the shoulder, pulling you roughly to your foot that no longer respond to the commands of your nerves. Dragging you step by step, the figure hoists you along through the heat and wreckage. With one arm, the figure shoves fiery rubble to each side so the two of you may slowly pass. You are nearly completely blind, the fluids from your eyes long since exhausted, but even still you can note the flames and blackness… slowly… begin to dissipate….

Your companion COLLAPSES you and herself on the sands; the second time you have been birthed today. YOU GASP as cool air rushes painfully into your traumatized lungs. You clutch as the earth, so comforting and safe, seeming far from the roaring flame and falling destruction. And then:

Something you cannot fully describe comes over you: hope, relief, Joy. And you begin to make a sound. A sound that erupts deep from inside you and pounds out to the world beyond:

You laugh. And your companion, she laughs, too. You laugh together, at the purest of happiness and the shear absurdity that you are alive…


You hear the blurry figure rustle in the sand and make her way to you. You can barely make out the violet shine, which has mostly dissipated, but still hangs around her frame. “Who are you?” comes the soft, stern female voice. “Who am I?” A pause. “What are we?”


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