Just a few things


Welcome to 2015. Much like 2014. Yet the past two months for me have been new, different, exciting. Beyond exciting. Invigorating. Intoxicating.

I don’t know what is going to happen yet. But I want to find out.

Euphemisms aside, I get to see the first printing of Wyrdspace #1 today. Normally when I’m working on a big project, I post sections or even all of it here. Maybe I got out of the habit. Or this just seemed too big, too personal for the blog. I’m still not sure what I’m supposed to be using it exactly for. Currently I’m just compiling smaller pieces I don’t want to forget I’ve done. But there are plenty of other works I feel have a lot of weight and importance but I haven’t posted them. I had a good streak there in the summer and before, posting everyday. Certainly I got waylaid emotionally in the middle. But after I finally went back, I fell off again.

I made my mountain list, at last. I decided at the time, ceremoniously, to call it “Be great”:

Be great

♦ Write a literary fiction novel
♦ Science Fiction novel
♦ Comic Series
♦ Write and direct a movie
♦ Star in a movie
♦ Write a full-length play
♦ Meet Neil Gaiman
♦ Make a science fiction TV show

That’s as far as I got before I starting getting self-conscious. I don’t like that savage little niggle in my gut that makes me distrust myself. But it likes to rear up occasionally. The key, I figure, is to master it. Spiny guilt living and beating in my stomach, gnawing dully at my shoulder blades.

I’ve had suspicions that I could do great things. The past few years, my goal has been to try and put that from my mind, focus on being human and humble. I don’t think it’s helped. After Hermes, I felt a reminder of what my potential might be. Wyrdspace is the next step.

Let’s write a novel, Graham.



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